Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cheap Nob Gags. Part 2.

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2009 My Personal Highlights.

Great month. Decided to gear up the house for the New Year. Chucked out the old carpets and had the whole place resprayed yellow - the colour of inner calm according to some Kung-Fu expert in the T.V. Times. Took out an ad in free local paper in effort to trump up business. Bingo! Sid Waddell phones up for a mix C.D. but after listening decides he's not interested in booking Geoff or me. Still, sold him an old 1.6 litre Corsa though.

Been at the free paper again. After a billiard table for the dining room. Bought a giraffe off a bloke in Wallsend instead. Only eats lettuce! No surprise to me, I think. Load of rubbish of course as ate the dog within 10 minutes of getting into the garden. Still, he knocked 50 quid off. He had to drive it here in the back of a milk float. Took 15 hours, got lost for 9 of them just outside Heaton. Giraffe didn't seem bothered.

Sad news. Mickey Hell and Geoff Leopard killed in a taxi crash after it careered out of control from the Byker Bridge during an argument over who paid the lion share for the Steak and Ale pie they had for lunch. Turns out Geoff had seen this increase in hostilities coming for a while and had written his own epitaph for this eventuallity. A cursory glace across it reveals what I expected. The prose is dense and there's far too much of the kind of portentous philosophising that makes it sound like a cross between Jungian psychotherapy and Dungeons & Dragons. Vicar at the funeral later that week decided to edit it down to a 'he was a good bloke,,,, sometimes.' It rained at the send off but on the upside, there was a good spread provided at the wake. Later that month I had Sid Waddell on the phone again. Livid. Wants to know why the cassette in the Corsa won't play his T'pau 8-track. Tell him it's not a cassette deck, it's a bloody drinks cabinet. Seems to shut him up for a bit. Can hear his wife playing drums in the background. Poor sod.

Quiet month. Watched a bit of telly. "Food For Thought" on cable. Here's the plot. Dale Winton and Toyah cycle down to south London to investigate a family of lesbian butchers. Superb. Toyah storms straight in swearing and grabs a handful of brisket. Winton gets one of the girls in a headlock and they all pile in waving hammers. Miss the end though. Bloody giraffe got out through the skylight. Could hear his hooves on the slate roof. Knocked ariel off. My fault. Gave him a piece of cod yesterday and he was up all night squeezing it out.

Well I'll be! News reaches me from Sheffield that Mick and Geoff had faked their deaths and it turns out they've joined a gay 'Limp Bizkit' tribute band called 'Limp Wristed' and are doing quite well on the circuit thank-you-very-much. Turns out that the whole convoluted episode was conjured up in order that they could get out of paying a monthly direct debit that both had signed up to for a set of collectable commemorative plates from the 'Wogan' range depicting the erstwhile Blankety Blank host playing golf with messieurs Forsyth, Corbett and Tarbuck.
Waddell turns up drunk again at Tourist HQ with his mate Egyptian Mick. Threatens to smash the place up. We would've been here yesterday, he goes but his wife was playing Wembly with 'Earth, Wind And Fire' and he couldn't get a babysitter. Didn't even know they had a team.

Put the giraffe in the free paper. Some bloke in Jarrow. Said he'd have it for a set of car tyres. Turned up on the Tuesday in a caravan. spent 40 minutes trying to get the thing in the back. In the end we had to stun it and fold it in half. Didn't seem that bothered. Bloke was well happy. worked for 'Dixons' so I expect he'll look after it.

Holiday. Lanzarote for two weeks. Beautiful. Bumped into Elton John at the airport on the way back. Naturally he had customs on red alert so I just waltzed through. Back home Waddell is waiting on me porch. His missus has only gone and run off with M People. What, all of them?

Big party round my place to cheer up Waddell. About half twelve bloody M People turn up. All 25 of them so I hide in the kitchen. Somehow Waddell gets word and starts taunting them through the serving hatch. His missus pulls out a shooter and starts firing shots into the ceiling. Waddell legs it threatening to come back later with Egyptian Mick and some of T'pau's roadies. He phones me about half four saying he can't get the Corsa started. Just as well Sid, I tell him, Earth, Wind And Fire have just turned up!!

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Last Waltz News!

This is not nepotism, I promise, but just a word about my long suffering wife Geoff and his fab new Sunday night blow out 'Last Waltz'. It seems that he and the other chaps who run it, Fos and Colin seem to have hit on some kind of magic formula with the night going from strength to strength with every week that passes now. However, don't take my word for it, you can read what 'POP' magazine thinks about them by clicking here. Anyway, a special thank you to everyone who has supported them in the weeks since they've opened, they're bring you a Special Bank Holiday Blow-Out, Featuring...

*1 of their absolutely favourite DJ/producers
*2 of their absolutely favourite local SuperStars
*3 extra hours of party action (6am Finish!!!) well as the usual residents & even more "Last Waltz" production, light & Magic*......Plus, rather than charge you extra for all of this, they're even DROPPING THE ENTRY FEE for the first 3 hours of the night!!

Last Waltz August Bank Holiday Extravaganza with:
Mark E (Golf Channel/Jisco Music)
People Get Real (Wax:On, Reclaim The Dancefloor)
and residents El. Dee and Geoff Leopard.
11:00 till 6:00 A.M. @ Madame Koo's, collingwood Street, Newcastle.
£4 Before 1am! / £6 After 1am!

And just to whet your appetite here's a mix from headliner Mark E.

Mark E "Mystery Mix" (

Fezzbook group pressure,,,,,

It's that time again so here's a bunch of tunes for you cats to download. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something on glue.

Padded Cell * Faces Of The Forest

Dorsnee* San Soda

Don't Stop * T & T Edits

Azari & Ill * Reckless With Your Love

Black Meteoric Star * World Eater

The The * Giant (Pilooski Edit)

Luke Vibert * Disco Nasty

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. x.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Notes From The Overfed.

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The number of college bulletins and adult-education come-ons that keep turning up in my letterbox convinces me that I must be on a special mailing list for dropouts. Not that I'm complaining; there's something about a list of extension courses that piques my interest with a fascination hitherto reserved for a catalogue of Hong Kong honeymoon accessories, sent to me once by mistake. Each time I read through the latest bulletin of extension course, I make plans to drop everything and return to college. So far, however I am still an uneducated, unextended adult, and I have fallen into the habit of browsing through an imaginary, handsomely printed course prospectus that is more or less typical of them all;

Summer Session.
Economic Theory: A systematic application and critical evaluation of the basic analytic concepts of economic theory, with an emphasis on money and why it's good. Fixed coefficient production functions, cost and supply curves, and nonconvexity comprise the first term with the second term concentrating on spending, making change, and keeping a neat wallet. The British banking system is analyzed, and advanced students are coached in the proper method of filling out a deposit slip. Other topics include: Inflation and Depression - how to dress for each. Loans, interest and welching.

History Of European Civilisation: Ever since the discovery of a fossilised eohippus in the men's toilets at Mario's Cafe on Station Road in Ashington, it has been suspected that at one time Britain and Europe were connected by a thin plinth of land that later sank or became Blyth power station, or both.. This throws a new perspective on the formation of European society and enables historians and alcoholics to conjecture about why Europe sprang up in an area that would have made a far better Asia. Also studied in the course is the decision to hold the Renaissance in Italy.

Introduction To Psychology: The theory of human behaviour. Why some men are called 'lovely individuals' and why there are some others you just want to punch. Is there a split between mind and body, and, if so, which is better to have? Aggression and rebellion are discussed. (Students particularly interested in these aspects of psychology are advised to take one of these Winter Term courses; Introduction to Hostility; Intermediate Hostility; Advanced Hatred; Theoretical Foundations Of Loathing.)

Philosophy 1: Everyone from Plato to Camus is read, and the following topics are covered in depth.
Ethics: The categorical imperative and six ways to make great fish soup.
Aesthetics: Is art the mirror of life, or what?
Metaphysics: What happens to the soul after death? How does it manage?
Epistemology: Is knowledge knowable? If not, how do we know this?
The Absurd: Why existence is often considered silly, particularly for men who wear pointy shoes?
Manyness and Oneness are studied as they relate to Each-Otherness. (Students achieving this will move ahead to the next course, Twoness.)

Philosophy XXIX-B: Introduction to God. Confrontation with the creator of the universe through informal lectures and field trips.

The New Mathematics: Standard mathematics has recently been rendered obsolete by the discovery that for years we have been writing the numeral five backwards. This has led to a re-evaluation of counting as a method of getting from one to ten. Students are taught advanced concepts of Boolean Algebra and formerly unsolvable equations are delt with by threats of reprisals.

Fundamental Astronomy: A detailed study of the universe and it's care and cleaning. The sun, which is made of gas can explode at any moment, sending our entire planetary system hurtling to destruction; students are advised what the average citizen can do in such a case. They are also taught to identify various constellations, such as the Big Dipper, Cygnus The Swan, Sagittarius the Archer, and the twelve stars that form Lumidees the used car salesman.

Modern Biology: How the body functions and where it can usually be found. Blood is analyzed and it is learned why it is the best possible thing to have coursing through one's veins. A frog is dissected by students and it's digestive tract is compared with man's, with the frog giving a good account of itself on everthing, except curries.

Music Appreciation: In order to "hear" a great piece of music correctly, one must: (1) know the birthplace of the composer, (2) be able to tell a rondo from a scherzo, and back it up with action. Attitude is important. Smiling is bad form unless the composer has intended the music to be funny, as in 'Das Burgermeister', which abounds in musical jokes (although the trombone has all the best lines.) The ear, too must be trained, for it is our most easily deceived organ and can be made to think it is a nose by bad placement of stereo speakers. Other topics include: 'The four-bar rest and it's potential as a political weapon,' and 'The Gregorian Chant: Which monks kept the beat?'

Yeats And Hygiene, A Comparative Study: The poetry of William butler Yeats is analyzed against a background of proper dental care. (Course open to a limited number of students.)

Writing For The Stage: All drama is conflict. Character development is also very important. As also is what they say. Students learn that long, dull speeches are not so effective, while short "funny" ones seem to go over well. Simplified audience psychology is explored. Interesting aspects of stage history are also examined. For example, before the invention of italics, stage directions were often mistaken for dialogue, and great actors frequently found themselves saying, "John rises, crosses left." This naturally led to embarrassment and, on some occasions, dreadful notices. The phenomenon is analyzed in detail and students are guided in avoiding mistakes. Required text: A.F. Shulte's 'Shakespear: Was he Four Women?

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and now, another word from our sponsors,,,,

Suono Present Aficionado
(Manchesters finest meet Newcastles worst.....)

Well, our friends across at Newcastles 'Suono' night are really spoiling us this sumer. No sooner have we managed to get over their epic 5th birthday celebrations last month with Greg Wilson then they've only gone and put together another top notch party. It's getting hard to keep up! Regarde,,,,,

Aficionado was created in Manchester in June 1998 by Moonboots and Jason Boardman, to allow them to share their combined musical love of anything good outside of the four-four mainstream beats.
They set about creating a cerebral Sunday soundtrack for minds and feet, with a balearic edge- as the antidote to the extremities of superclubbing which was prevalent at the time. The multi tempo playlists of Shoom, Ku and the Café del Mar in Ibiza, provided their inspiration, with a helping of the Italian cosmic sound and classic disco, electronic and folky oddities, and a touch of wonky pop.
Initially laughed at by many, but imitated by many more over the next 11 years, they provided the blueprint for the chance to catch up with your mates after the weekends partying, chill over a quiet pint and they have the ability to make you dance your ass off as the night progresses, resulting in them being held responsible for many a Mancunian Monday morning work hangover.
Aficionado's popularity is mainly due to the pairs unique and varied Balearic DJ style and musical knowledge. Moonboots co-compiled the 1st excellent "Originals" and DJs throughout the country. The Chemical Brothers cite Moon as an early influence and he is widely regarded as one of the most innovative Balearic D's in the world alongside the legendary Alfredo. Aside from Aficionado, Jason Boardman has recorded and remixed as Truant for Paper Recordings and Grand Central, whilst being resident at seminal clubs such as Yellow, Hard Times and the Hacienda.
As such, Moon and Jason have been invited along to unleash their own sublime sounds at The Electric Chair in Manchester and have seduced a new audience at the Electric Elephant in Croatia.
Ten years on, the search for the perfect Nado beat continues, as we welcome Moon and Jason to Newcastle, for their Suono Debut together!

Suono will be on hand to keep an eye on proceedings – children are welcome , there’ll be a bbq and a free pool table!!..

This is the perfect opportunity for you to relax in the sun with old and new friends, enjoy a cold drink and fine food and the chance to bring the kids along and to hear some truly wonderful music on the terrace, before we take the party indoors for the evening!!

Saturday August 8th @ Stereo, Sandgate, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
5pm until 2am
£3 from 5pm until 8 (kids free)
£4 from 8 until 2am

You can get more information and loads of top notch mixes from the Aficionado lads to download at the Suono Facebook page just by clicking here!!!!!

Okay, a handful of fab records for you cats now! First up, a bit of an old fav of mine in the form of The Units 'High Pressure Days'. I was about to toss a coin to decide which version to post, the original or the Headman mix (which I'm really digging at the moment) but I couldn't decided, so I've just posted the whole remix package. The net result being that you get both these versions and the bonus of a Rory Phillips remix too. Up next is a track from Kelley Polar. And seeing as I've been posting a lot of Morgan Geist and old DFA stuff though that it would make a good excuse to post this as Kelley worked with Geist and his partner Darshan Jesrani a number of times on their Metro Area project, most notably on the classic 'Miura' track. Next we have a record that I don't really know much about, 'Sapphire' by 'Zombi'. I picked this up in Phonica a few months back now and the vinyl has no label and just a paper sleeve with 'Escort Remix' scrawled on it, and even with that I'm assuming that it refers to the New York disco revivalist ensemble Escort,,,,, but I could be wrong! Next its a genuine monster of a track from Joachim Dyrdahl's 'Diskjokke' on the ever-reliable Full Pupp imprint. 'Cearadactylus' is textbook 10 min chugging, percussion led modern-disco that only the Scandinavians can do this well. It's been on my radar for 6 months or so, so that usually denotes that EVERYONE else has already rinsed it out, but if you've not heard this one before then DEFO get ya teeth into this PRONTO as it's a right old blinder! On the same vibe Benjamin Morando and Pilooski have been putting out some cracking tracks together as 'Discodeine' for quite a while now. On the chunkier side of disco, which I like, with the emphasis more on the sonics than the groove. I'm sure that most people will have heard this before but 'Tom Select' has been creeping back into my box of late and deserves another airing. Finally, bringing up the rear is another in the seemingly never ending stream of remixes and promotional mixes from Little Boots and some stone cold classic Detroit techno from the legend that is Mr Carl Craig with 'The Climax'. Som there ye go, all bases touched I believe so enjoy!

The Units * High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix/Headman Remix/Original 1980 Version.)

Kelly Polar Quartet * Parlour Games.

Zombi * Sapphire (Escort Remix.)

Diskjokke * Cearadactylus.

Discodiene * Tom Select.

Paperclip People * The Climax.

Little Boots * Remedy (Disco Bloodbath Dub)

Till next time.
Big Love. Moogar. x.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Guide To Some Of The Lesser Ballets.

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Where The Geese Go.

Bit late on the blog this week due to an especially heavy weekends social schedule, however it's not all been in vain, I have actually learned that now at my advanced age, trying to party continuously for 2 or 3 nights without a full 24 hours rest and recuperation between them causes me to go about as mad as Ken Dodd's dentist these days. As a result of this hedonistic effort Ive had a hangover for 3 days now so I've been kicking around the house feeling low enough to pick a dwarfs pocket since the start of the week and just got round to typing some stuff up. Anyway, I did wake this morning with the impression that today was a good day to 'do something', y'know, square pegs in round holes n' all that. I had the notion to write something righteous, relevant, worthy and positive on this here blog,,,,, but by 10:30 AM however, the onset of rain had dampened any intentions I'd had of having a productive morning so I sat about scratching my behind and wrote some gash about footy instead.
While I was making my way through Newcastle a couple of Weeks ago on my way to Central Station I stopped off in The Forth for a swift pint as I was early for my train I overheard a group of geezers sitting at the table near me discussing the state of things up at St James Park. I cocked my ear for long enough to judge that the general temperature of the conversation was in the usual 'Ashley's an arsehole,' 'Owen, what a twat' etc, etc, nowt unusual there. Then one of them mentioned something to do with the last game of last season against. Now the last home game shenanigans and the relegation of the club brought mixed feelings. I had gone to meet a group of my friends after the match down in the very same pub I was now sat in for a few pints where understandably, the mood was pretty shitty to say the least after the performance witness in the previous 90 minutes. But there was some comfort with the fact that we all agreed that 'it can only get better'.
Now people have the right to express their feelings at what had been another woeful fucking season, but certain parts of the support for NUFC were less than confident that next season will be any better but what really pissed me off was the sheer despondency at the number of cock-ends who just love, and I mean LOVE, to be seen throwing their ticket books onto the pitch, airing wild pontifications on obvious truths as some kind of pseudo-wisdom and joining track-suited teenage charvers shouting inane bollocks at the players entrance in the hope they will get on the front page of the Sunday Sun, just under the advert for a free Greggs pasty.
These are exactly the same people who will be up to Strawberry Place like shit off a stick when ever there was one of Freddy Shepherd's Beckham/Baggio/Zidane/Ronaldo rumours doing the rounds, and who made a tit of themselves after telling everyone at work that they would win the league after signing Owen. They fill in World Cup wall charts, drink Fosters, read 'Zoo' and still persist with the whole Toon Army bollocks. They are shit-scared of Sunderland's form because they might get a cheeky e-mail off the Mackem in accounts whenever they turn us over. They have holiday snaps showing them with a replica shirt on, arm around a Spanish waiter with thumbs up. They wear that piss-awful red England away shirt with 'Rooney' or 'Gerrard' on the back and call Lampard 'Lamps' when gawking at the big screen on match day in any one of the boozers in the Bigg Market between showing lasses Saddam's hanging on their mobile. They have as much fuckin' depth as spit on rock.
These people were the ones actually booing the announcement of 4 minutes added time against Villa on the last day of the season! Fuck me, it sounded like Luke Young had been subbed and Captain Hook had come on for him! Then you have the converse, but equally annoying person, those that peddle the notion of a fans' elite. The sort of bloke who drinks in Rosie's and tells of how in 1959 his head fell off on the trip back from an 11-0 defeat at Plymouth on a Tuesday night on an open roofed tram in a blizzard.
Sharpen your disdain on such people and on the myriad of personalities and issues which have led to this mess, but please, please show some humour, some resilience and some backbone – any or all of the qualities which mark us out as different to the tinsel-winged cretins of other clubs!!

Tunes time now.
Here's another mixed bag of stuff that's cluttering up my hard drive or laying about the spare room. There's a few nice bits to download, with special mention to the Cosmo Vitelli edit of Fleetwood Mac, Danny Krivit's re-modelling of Diana Ross and a tag team special as Prins Thomas remixes Todd Terje all for the disco heads. The Vitelli edit comes from the last release in his Cliche Edits series which landed a few months back now. Well worth searching out for the other tracks on it, all 3 are winners especially the 'Skyy' edit. The Who are also fed a rather large slice of Disco-goodness by 'Love Supreme' on their 1982 track 'Eminence Front', a nice stripped back groove with a slightly Cosmic vibe. Tasty. Theres another track from the excellent 'Ugly Edits' series by Theo Parrish. This time it's Minnie Ripperton that gets the 'ugly' treatment. There's a great remix of 'WhoMadeWho' by Inflagranti this week and a nice Emperor Machine remix of 'Michoacan' for those that like their beats a bit more dense. There's a return for Morgan Geist too this week, but this time in his 'Metro Area' guise with the 'Erodyne' track from the 'Metro Area 7' EP. I've also posted up a Radiohead edit that's been kicking around for a while and a Diplo remix from Jack White and Alison Mossharts new project 'The Dead Weather' that I was sent recently just as a little bonus innit!

WhoMadeWho * Out The Door (In Flagranti Remix)

Todd Terje * Bodies (Prins Thomas Remix)

Diana Ross * No One Gets The Prize (Danny Krivit Edit)

Minnie Ripperton * Stick Together (Theo Parrish Edit)

Metro Area * Erodyne

Michoacan * She's Sent (Emperor Machine Remix)

Fleetwood Mac * Keep On Going (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)

The Dead Weather * Treat Me Like Your Mother (Diplo Remix)

Radiohead * Everything In It's Right Place (Gigamesh Edit)

The Who * Eminence Front (Love Supreme Edit)

Till next week.
BiG love. moogar. x.
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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

...without a dope beat to step to (step to... step to)


After no small amount of agita from the boy Fape, I feel suitabley chastened and berrated enough to come slinking back and contribute to this-ere digi-tome.

While I'd love to tell tales of how I've been gallumphing round the globe playing my own brand of sonic Shamanism... the fact is, other than a bried sojourn to catch Cocoon in the Park in Leeds (good fun) and a weekend in Wakefield (bad juju), I have been resolutely stuck in my good old spawning pond, Newcastle.

The reason for my self administered wing clipping has been our blessed new offspring which we've christened "Last Waltz" (Fape is obviously one of the godparents) and like any proud new Father I'm happy to exclaim "My, hasn't he grown"

While our bouncing Disco-Baby is only 6 weeks old, I'd postulate that that's the equivalent of being an adolescent in club years... and this teen tyke is so preturnaturaly devoloped that he's definitely the big lad who gets sent in to buy the fags and booze!

Last Waltz runs 11 till at least 3am every Sunday at Madame Koos.
Keep an eye out for our Bank Holiday Sunday Special with Mark E & People Get Real, which is running till 6am!

Here's a mix wot i did in celebration.
More of a "slinging-them-on" affair, than an actual promo peice, but there are some "neato" sounds on it nonetheless.
Summer listening if you will...

Geoff Leopard Mix 110609.

A Wake - Sun City Girls
Besides - Gui Boratto
Skumle Planer - Vareid
Footprints - Stratus
Archaic Days - Tommy Guerrerro (DJ Harvey Remix)
Iridium - Lullabies in the Dark (SuperPitcher Remix)
Into Yo Face - Downtown Party Network
Munich Emotions - Elitetechnique
Optimo - Liquid Liquid (Optimo Remix)
Olympic Airways - Foals (Ewan Pearsons Return to The Villa of Joy Mix)
Laku Nok - Darko Esser
Dragon Loop - Marcus Worgill
Rushing To Paradise - House of House
The End - The Pharcyde

Daddy sends hugs


Monday, 13 July 2009

Love Is The Message.

",,,, by the year 1990 even the Welsh will have been taught how to use indoor lavetory's."

COCAINE COWBOYS Pictures, Images and Photos

Just a list of random shiz for no other reason than I'm simply feeling bored and introspective,,,,

Tibor Fischer books.
The Star Wars trilogy.
The Apple Mac.
Johan Cruyff
Cheap Women.
Sinbad and the eye of the tiger.
Tommy Cooper.
The Ramones.
Old wooden skateboards when you were a kid.
Posh birds who ignore me.
Shopping up High Bridge street in 1990, ("Yeah, just got some new Tommy Nutter jeans, a Chippie T-Shirt and a Michiko Koshino trackie top. Going to Walkers tonight, should be a proper rave like man!")
1st day of the new footy season.
Lemon sorbet.
Lucozade, (Original,)
Off the peg Paul Smith Suits for work.
Nokia phones.
The Nu Camp.
Lemon Fanta.
Oscar Wilde.
The Clash.
JMW Turner.
War Films.
Old Stone Island jackets.
Fat Jolly People.
The Hacienda.
The bloke who invented Ciggs.
Laughing Cow cheese.
CP at Havannah.
The Holland '74 squad.
Tamla Motown.
Porridge. (The TV programme.)
Marco Van Basten.
Skidding along on your feet on ice!
Getting your leg over with birds WELL out of your league.
Aliens! (,,,You know? Space men!?)
3 legged dogs! (Classic tripod!)
Marx Brothers.
Alan Shearers hatrick against Leicester City.
The Observer on Sundays.
Carling Extra Cold, (,,,"Dash of lime pet!")
Lentini's hair when he signed for Milan,
The Big Lebowski. ("Do you what happens now?" "I dunno, he fixes the refrigerator?")
Nike Road Runners, circa 1980.
George Bailey.
Newcastle United.
Marvin Gaye's, 'Whats Going On,' album. (Find it hard to live without it!!)
The fact that if you live in England you're never more than 300 miles away from Andy Weaterall and Stephen Fry.
Mel Brooks.
The Stone Roses at Spike Island.
My Bloody Valentine.
Bill Hicks.
Cheap air travel
Newcastle 5-Man United 0. Fucking AWESOME!
Rastas, ('iree n' ting.')
Northern Soul.
Bruce Lee.
Ali Cooke in the basement at Back 2 Basics. (R.I.P)
The Goonies.
Going to the swimming baths when you were a kid.
The Simpsons.
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Two Lone Swordsmen Pictures, Images and Photos

Reet-ee-ooooh then, tunes time innit! A regular cornicopia of clattering electronic and disco noises this week. First up it's messers Weatherall and Tenniswood with a cover version of 'Sex Beat' by one of my favourite bands, LA punks 'The Gun Club'. Sex Beat comes from their debut 1980 album 'Fire Of Love', incidentally the cover art of which Weatherall also plundered for the sleeve of the single 'Wilmot' by his former band 'The Sabres Of Paradise'. The Gun Club along with the likes of The Cramps, X and Tex & The Horseheads were the pioneers of the Holywood Rock scene of the earky 80's. Punk Rock infused with swamp blues and a hillbilly-garage vibe. I was going to post the original to go alongside the TLS cover but probably best if you just buy the album. Anyhoo, have a listen to the take on it by Two Lone Swordsmen first. Blistering.

Two Lone Swordsmen * Sex Beat

New York's 'Au Revoir Simone' are a female 3 piece who look like they were beamed into existence via a bookish teen's sub conscious. All summer dresses, raven hair and baroque-chic. Flavour of the month for, well a number of months last year it seemed that there were remixes and re-rubs galore of everything they did, non of them really floated my boat to be fair, until the Aeroplane remix of Friendly Fires 'Paris'. Sounding like Ladytron spoon-fed a healthy dose of Scandinavian disco, they were instantly loaded on the i-pods of indie kids and electro girls alike. Parisian Ivan Smagghe takes the remix duties for 'Shadows', knocking out a fine piece of dark electronic pop music for all tastes. Tres bon innit.

Au Revoir Simone * Shadows (Ivan Smagghe's 'It's A Fine Line' Remix)

Croatian producer Petar Dundov makes the kind of rumbling and glistening techno music that sits perfectly in between the best output from the likes of Dissident, DFA and. Dark, slowly shuffling, dubby beats meet stuttering guitar lines. That alone would be enough for most people, but Dundov has brought in Gavin Russom to smear some synth magic over his remix of last years 'Oasis' track and transformed it into a darkly epic 14 minute techno anthem. One of my favourite tracks of the last year, genuine amazing future music. Bigger than big.

Petar Dundov * Oasis (Gavin Russom Remix)

One of my all time favourite DJ's and producers Maurice Fulton. This remix dropped just at the time that Fulton was being championed as the acceptable face of dance music by the indie kids who just starting to get their heads around the likes of Morgan Geist and James Murphy etc. Taken from the 'Eaten Back To Life E.P' from 2004, Fulton's remix of 'Have You Seen The Moon In Dallas' is full of low slung basslines, live sounding percussion and his trademark echoing handclaps. Listen and remember why you've loved the guy all this time.

Ost & Kjex - Have You Seen The Moon In Dallas (Maurice Fulton Remix)

I've always been really excited by the DFA Records output ever since the early LCD, Juan Maclean, Radio 4 and the afore mentioned Gavin Russom releases in 02, 03'. The label and their bands marked a definite change for electronic/dance music for me and is partially responsible for me getting back into DJing at that time.Apart from 'Losing My Edge', the Morgan Geist remix of 'House Of Jealous Lovers' is probably the record that most reminds me of this time and that signature DFA sound. Geist adds an insanely funky bassline and the screeching guitars and vocals are effortlessly replaced with some cracking percussion and horns.

The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Remix)

Chicagos self appointed 'King Of The 909' Robert Armani released this killer waaaaaaaaaay back in 1990 on the 'Armani Trax' E.P. Originally the B-side of the record 'Circus Bells' quickly blew up in the clubs and became a firm favourite simultaneously with crowds from the acid, techno and house clubs. It hung round for an absolute age, it's un-categorisable nature giving in a longevity that outstripped many of it's contemporaries. It was also re-released with remixes from Hardfloor in '96 finding a whole new audience to work it's magic on. Either way the Armando remix on the original record is another example of a track that still demands attention and demonstrates how relevant it is today as much as it was almost 20 years ago. Classic.

Robert Armani * Circus Bells (Armando Mix)

For such a prolific producer of remix work it's a bit of a surprise that recent single 'Mammut' is the only solo work that Prins Thomas has put out in nearly 3 years. A nice bit of rude-viking techno-disco as you'd expect but this also has a denser and harder feel to it. The tumbling tribal-rhythms that have become ever more prevalent in Thomas' recent work are pushed to the fore-front on this mix, drums turned right up, big dubby effects and mad percussion. Excellent bit of kit.

Prins Thomas * Mammut

The second instalment of the 'Aprés Vinyl' series sees Australian producer Touch Sensitive (also a member of Van She), Leeds based producer Bonar Bradberry and Toby Tobias get together to tackle some of Toby's recently unearthed ‘Hidden Gems’. The best of the E.P. fittingly is Tobias' edit of 'Azul Blue' with him putting more space in the track, pushing the guitars and acid lines further onto the dancefloor but keeping it playful all at once. The pace is a tad quicker than his usual 'chuggers' turning the it into a full blooded disco-house track. Sweet.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue

The Classixx boys seem to be doing brisk work at the moment with a tonne of hype surrounding their recent 'Phoenix' and 'Yacht' remixes. It seems as though all you need to do is drop 'em a couple of grand to twiddle ya knobs and hey presto you've got a massive internet 'Nu-Disco' buzz on your track! Bang. Now weather or not this is a good thing in the long run is open for discussion (as is the rise in use of the horrific term 'Nu-Disco') but the remixes I've heard have all been pretty decent and this is no exception.

Holy Ghost! * I Will Come Back For You (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)

The story goes: When the original copy of Jesse Saunders was stolen one night, he decided to use the loop from this track to create the very first house record 'On And On' by Jesse Saunders on his very own newly formed label 'Jes Say' records. This 12″ was pressed in limited numbers and as a consequence it's recently been popping up on Ebay selling for round the £200 mark. Bit rich for me, and most people to be fair, so here's a cheap, nay free download of it from moi! Enjoy.

Mach * On And On

Another track from last years brilliant 'Southside Edits Volume 1.' from Dimitri From Paris. Another Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes edit, this time it's 'Tell the World How I Feel About 'Cha Baby'. Dimitri adds an extended drums intro and outro, but for the most keeps things the same as the original. Most of the edit revolves around the drums, as Dimiti has added forceful drums and turned the tempo up for the dancefloor. Proper feel-good shit.

Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes * Feeling About 'Cha (Dimitri's Re-Edit)

I've save the best for last now with a record I've been after for a hideous amount of time now, General Motors, 'King Of Kong'. I really don't know a great deal about the track or the artist(s?) and there's v. little info on the internet that I could find. Bit of an enigma it seems, but best cut the crap and let the track do the talking. A real rolling Italo style stormer, lushious syth sweeps, clanking rythms and and a mamoth organ break. I only found out the name of it from a Tim Sweeny mix about 8 months ago and would gladly shake a baby violently for a vinyl copy. It's a fucking beauty!!!!!

General Motors * King Of Kong

Couple of mixes for you this month too, first up a re-boot for a mix we posted a couple of months ago now. A cracking New Wave mix that was first posted by Tadge on the message board for local tech-house night Habit. I had a few e-mails from some unhappy punters who were trying to download it from the blog after the link had expired so I've re-loaded it for your further delectation. It's a great mix so fill ya boots with it while ye can y'all.

Download: New Wave Mix

Japan - All tomorrows parties
Gary Newman - Bombers (live)
Yazoo - In my room
A Flock Of Seagulls - European
The The - Giant
Lords of the New Church - Dance with me
Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria
The Units - High Pressure Days
Blamange - Side Two
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
Human League - The sound of the crowd
Soft Cell - Memorabilia

Next it's a mix supplied by my long suffering partner and sometime 'forest bride' Kevin Junior. As Kevin careers wildley towards his 38th year on the planet it's his attempt to be a proper grown up 'moody' DJ. It's a collection of Psyche, Beard Rock, Cosmic, Balearic, whatever ye want to call it. Tracks from The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Osmonds, Jimi Hendrix, Hot Chocolate, Immortals, Andy Nelson and Pink Floyd etc, etc, you get the idea. So get it on the download innit bludclarts!!

'Kev Kunior Went To London And All I Got Was This Lousy Mixtape!'

Till next time. Big Love. Moogar. X.

Monday, 6 July 2009

At Midnight we take your soul,,, and your socks!

Paradise Garage - Nov.1981 Pictures, Images and Photos

"Just what is it that you want to do?
We wanna be free,
We wanna be free to do what we wanna do,
And we wanna get loaded!
And we wanna have a good time! And that's what were gonna do.
Were gonna have a good time,
Were gonna have a party.!
Boom! I don't wanna lose your love etc, etc."

Ah yes, Loaded - the tune, as opposed to loaded the iffy early 90s lads mag, - the premier hedonists anthem.
Parties, the song ventured, were a very good idea indeed. Even moi, a man noted for his extreme laziness can usually manage to drag myself out of bed with a fervour usually reserved for fat dogs at farting contests, shower, stack my wallet, take a belt of Jack and hail a cab when there's the mention of a party somewhere!

But the notion that a parties are good? Well, this is not strictly true as it happens. Because sometimes the drugs don't turn up, and your ex-girlfriends psychotic new boyfriend does. The nearest thing you get to a bunk-up is brushing up against Ms desirable's trousers by the medicine cabinet on the hunt for a bottle of Benilyn to go with your 4 pack of special brew.
Or you end up in the cupboard under the stairs with the only drink left in the house (can of Hoffmeister, bottle of Pimms, Safeways own sherry etc, etc).
This is the trouble with parties, most of them are absolute shite. And the better they are, the less likely you are to remember exactly why you had such a fantastic time. You'll wake up with a distinct impression that mankind is a magnificent concept, that you, despite everything, are really quite an attractive and interesting person, and rock n roll will, after all, save the world.
The best parties, of course, are the ones where you don't wake up at all. Not because you are dead, but what with the drink n' pills n' nosebag n' sex n' all, kip was never an option. Even then you'll still have a few vague recollections: The music was spot on, you were in a spectacular mood and so were your mates, for no reason whatsoever. You copped off with the fittest bird there, and a complete stranger gave you some coke dusted from the hem of Gods very own smoking jacket, for free! At a great party the following should always happen, 'You want some drugs? Then come with me behind the curtain to a small room.' Here you are offered a seat, a chilled glass of Champagne, a spliff, some friendly chat and an array of top class, grade A narcotics. Good lad.
The best parties are also, no exception, always, someone else's. Have it yourself and your guaranteed no mates paranoia for several months or a bunch of nutters turn up and pinch your beloved 'Cliff And The Shadows' tape collection which they'll toss in a skip on the way home.
Plus, the best parties are about merging with total strangers, making up shite about what you do for a living, talking nonsense at one million decibels about the works of some obscure, underground, author even though you've never read a single syllable, pretending you are the greatest dancer in the world and eyeing up the beautiful people. (You only find them at other people parties: fact!).
Good mates are essential: one good mate who inhabits the same dimension as you when the much-stronger-than-anticipated E you necked kicks in and you have one of those, "You alright? I'm alright. You alright?" moments, so you'll both be in a lost it oneness with each other, and you wont feel such a pillock for not being as cool as you thought you were on drugs; and you'll also need one good mate of the same gender who's fantastically good-looking and interesting so you can lure the nubile young girls in by association.
Music, of course, is the key. OK then, drugs are the key, but musics the keyhole (or something). All other elements disintegrate if some bastard takes over the stereo with home-grown tapes of abysmal tune-free techno no ones ever heard of. You must hear the big tunes of the day, (At the time of writing as they say), and the top tunes from the references of the day, (be warned though, dancing with too much I know all the words fervour results in loss of cool and revelation to the young birds you're trying to impress of how ancient you really are.)
Do not get too dressed up for a party, (unless you are of the Cary Grant/Audry Hepburn calibre of cool.) If it looks like your trying far too hard to be seen you'll deserve to be the loser in the corner whose only attraction come 5:30 A.M. is that you're the only one with any skins left.
(Note: If you EVER spot a rugby shirt or hear any 'U2' at a party you're attending, leave immediately. No questions!)
If you're in a particularly belligerent mood, then do mix your alcohol. This merely results in you vomiting all over a beautiful persons very expensive suede trousers, collapsing in a bush by 11:30 and having one of those hangovers involving several phone calls along the What did I do? I did what? Ohh fuck! Theme. This is fine as you'll look 'edgy' and 'street'.
If you want to appear particularly vibrant and cool, the best bet is to eat a kebab pizza and drink an entire bottle of Stolichnaya before you've even arrived and and its guaranteed to be, as a professional Scotsman may call it, "a chips n' hame" experience. Rockin'.
And finally, if at all possible, invite the local drug nutter with the Constitution of a buffalo. That way you get a good laugh at someone else's inability to do anything at all and if the drugs run out you can always wait till they keel over and then lick their face.

'I wanna get loaded and have a good time, and that's what I'm gonna, do!'

Tunes time innit! Good batch of new stuff and old vinyl rips this time.
Leo Zero has been making all the right noises in all the right places recently so we kick off things with a brace of mixes from him. First up is a track from the French 'Tele Music' label compilation recently uncovered by Bill Brewster and his mob at Story is that all the music was created by session players as backing music for French T.V. and radio shows for indents and background music and as you can imagine, the original albums change hands for hundreds of quid, if you can find 'em. Anyhow, the cream of remixers and DJ's have been brought in, likes of Toby Tobias, The Idjut Boys, Unabombers, Faze Action and Mudd to spread the new disco dust on the old disco tracks. It's highly recommended that you check out the full album but pick of the bunch for me is the Leo Zero edit here. Proper bit of disco kit, horn stabs, air raid sirens and strings yagetmeh?!

Tele Music * Baby's Band (Leo Zero Edit)

The second mix by Mr Zero is from another track by current media darlings 'Florence And The Machine'. This time it's there latest single 'Rabbit Heart' that gets the re-rub treatment. He's shined it up with some bracing piano's and extra rhythm tracks turning it into a big old peak time stormer. Very nice indeed.

Florence And The Machine * Rabbit Heart (Leo Zero Mix)

Next up is another version of Pheonix's 'Lisztomania'. This time it's the Classixx boys who turn the track into a shimmering summer disco number. Anyone who was feeling the recent 'Aeroplane' remix of Friendly Fires 'Paris' would be well advised to check this out as it's of a very similar vein.

Pheonix * Lizstomania (Classixx Version)

Another one of Theo Parrish's 'Ugly Edits' now as he shakes up Jilly From Philly aka Jill Scott's 'Slowly Surely' into a quite simply stunning 11 minute sparkling epic. I just picked up on this series round Christmas (much to my shame) and tracked them all down in the last couple of months. A genuinely amazing piece of future soul music that cannot be ignored. Pure bliss.

Jill Scott * Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Edit)

Onwards and upwards now with a re-edit of 'The NYC Peech Boys' famous early 80's garage track and Larry Levan favourite 'Life Is Something Special'. This version comes courtesy of San Fransisco's '40 Thieves' collective on the 'Rong Music' limited white label series. A nice old school flavour to this one with boogie, electro-funk and a bit of disco chucked all in the pot and mixed together. Special indeed.

40 Thieves * Life Is Special

Hailing from Manchester via Berlin, Tony Lionni seemed to appear out of thin air last year, fully formed and dropping cracking records on the likes of Mule Electronic, Versatile, and Detroit label Aesthetic Audio. The first track that got my attention was 'The Chase' from his 'Deep Joy' EP on WaveTec which managed to be a blinding bit of 'not exactly techno and not exactly disco'. The huge 'Shaka' track on the 'Figure' imprint along with a storming Resident Advisor mix brought him thoroughly overground. The track featured here 'Found A Place' is his most recent release for the German 'Ostgut' label, a mid paced piano led track, reminiscent of DJ Hell and early Detroit techno. With it's warping keys and simple housey percussion it wouldn't sound out of place on ANY dancefloor. Class.

Tony Lionni * Found A Place

A little Elton John edit from Mike Simionetti now. Nowt really earth shattering, but a decent enough little edit that's been kicking round for a bit. Most people will probably recognise it from opening Tim Sweeney's recent DFA mix. Good tool innit.

Elton John * Dddddub Of The Jets (Mike Simionetti Edit)

Major Lazer is a *cough* 'conceptual dancehall collaboration project' from producers Dave 'Switch' Taylor and Diplo. As the concept goes, Major Lazer is 'a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984,' (e.g. he gets around on a rocket-powered silver-surfer board). Clearly someone of Major Lazer's stature (and packing his super-powered prosthetic limbs) also has a gang of friends, which is why Mr. Lexx and Santigold contribute to the absolutely barking 'Hold The Line'. The track contains samples of mobile phones, horses, owls, kissing, dogs barking, wolves howling, in fact it's difficult to spot whats what among all the mayhem. Anyhow, barking mad or not, you cannot deny that it's gonna cause damage when played in the clubs! Big bizznizz g'wan!

Major Laser * Hold The Line

Yacht are an American duo from Portland who release their new album 'See Mystery Lights' at the end of this month on the DFA label. This track 'Psychic City' comes from said album (special mention to the very strange metallic look holographic packaging!) and comes on sounding one part Rich Jensen and one part 'Uptown Top Ranking'. There's also traces of everything from The Slits to The Waitresses via Blondie in there too, all mixed up into a surefire lazy summer drunken sing-a-long.
According to the press release the album is 'idiosyncratic and heavily layered, exploring themes from the existential, to the spiritual, to the hedonistic, all through the distorting lens of pop.' I think it's a lot simpler than that. 'Dangerously addictive future pop.'

Yacht * Psychic City

roland rat Pictures, Images and Photos

Mixtape time now, and this week we've got a mix from a couple of Newcastle's finest (sic) Pauly Barton and Rob Perry in their 'Nevilles Disco' guise. The chaps occasionally throw some cracking 1 off parties round the city and have recently played host to the likes of Eric Duggan (Rub N' Tug/DFA) and The Revenge (Jisco Music/Golf Chanel). This mix was knocked up to promote a gallery exhibition they'll be appearing at in London this month, of photographic work from another of Newcastle's worst exports Mr Garrod Kirkwood, so if you're around about The Exposure Gallery, 22-23 Little Portland Street on the 30th of July, you could do worse than pop in and have a swift look about and listen to some half decent tunes innit.
Anyway, there's some info on the gallery here and you can check out Degsy's,,,, sorry Garrod's work here if anyone is interested.

Download the mix here: The Ballad Of Gary And Phil.

1. I,I,I - The Osmonds (Todd Terje edit)
2. Look up to you - Michael Wycoff (The Revenge edit)
3. Come back lover (remix) - Fresh Band
4. Clapping on Machu Picchu - RatsOnaz (Bread&Circus)
5. Being 90’s thru the 80’s - Ledgroove
6. Gosmik - ROTCIV
7. Drago - Mudd/Ahmed Fakroun
8. Brown Piano (studio mix) - AMOA
9. I wanna dancer - Faze Action
10. Spring Affair - Donna Summer
11. Up the Glitter (re-edit) - Eddie Tour
12. I dig you - Demis Roussos (Todd Terje mix)

Tasty gear!

Till next time peeps.
Big love. Moogar X.

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

",,, Coz bones heal and chicks dig scars."

Reet then, I've got a tonne of things to rip and upload this week so in the meantime till I get all them done and written some shite I thought I just post a bunch of videos for your delectation.

Charlie as Director #2 Pictures, Images and Photos

The video for 'All I Need' was one of the first promo's directed by Mike Mills who was at the time working as a graphic designer working on album covers for the likes of Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He went on to make a name for himself shooting short films and documentary work before going on to direct a number of other music videos for Mansun, Pulp, Blonde Redhead and work closely with Air on a number of other promos. 'All I Need' remains, in my opinion his best work though, and one of my favourite music videos ever. Emotional without being maudlin, free of any post-modern irony or distance and actually very sincere. A rare beast indeed.

After trawling around the Los Angeles psychedelic-folk scene of the late 1980's in various bands David Roback and Hope Sandoval formed 'Mazzy Star' from the ashes of Roback's previous group 'Opel' when they split up during a U.S. support tour with 'The Jesus And Mary Chain' in 1990. Signed to Rough trade in the US they went on to release 3 critically lauded, if not commercially successful albums in the 90's with Sandoval also working with the afore mentioned Jesus And Mary Chain during this time and later doing some sterling guest work with the likes of Death In Vegas, Bert Jansch and Air before recording a solo album with 'The Warm Inventions' which was also co-written by and featured Colm Ó Ciosóig of My Bloody Valentine.

Genuinely one of my favourite records of the last 30 years now. I could go on and on and on at great length about this and why it's soooooo fucking good and sooooo fucking important but I'll spare you that. Enough to say that 'The Bocca Juniors' were a project comprising Andy Weatherall, Terry Farley, Hugo Nicholson and Pete Heller with vocals supplied by Anna Haige who also did vocal work for 'Flowered Up' and 'Chelsea Grin' on Weatherall's 'Sabrettes' spin-off label. Whoever, considering the wealth of talent involved the only fruit of these collaborations were 2 singles, 'Raise' in 90' and 'Substance' in 91' both released on their 'Boys Own' imprint. Raise still remains to this day one of my 10 favourite records ever, but unfortunately the version featured on the video is a criminally short edit of the track but it'll have to do! Regarde,,,,,

I'm sure most half-sensible people not on crack these days would agree that Tina Turner is a silly old goat who can't walk properly in heels and has hair you only find in certain parts of rural Belarus. However, lets not concentrate too much on her Barnett and take time out from cussing her out to witness what can only be described as a vocal performance of ATOMIC proportions as she literally rips the arse out of River Deep Mountain High. You may need to strap yourself in for this!!

The Sliver Apples group grew out of a the ashes of a band called 'The Overland Stage Electric Band,' who were part of the East Village scene in New York. Comprising only 2 members, Simeon Coxe (who still performs Silver Apples material on his own) and drummer Danny Taylor who died in 2005. Re-named after the William Butler Yeats poem 'The Song Of The Wandering Aengus'. They incorperated an arsenal of oscillators and keyboards piled up on top of each other and up to a hundred manual controls to control lead, rhythm and bass pulses with their hands and feet and any other part of their bodies. They released their first record the self titled 'Silver Apples' in 1968 and from that came the single 'Oscillations, a song that Simeon has cited as the first song he'd ever written. The live version below just goes to show how a record made over 40 years ago can still sound totally futuristic and relevant.

A couple of one hit wonders now, first up it's The Passions and 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star'. Now Saying they were 1 hit wonders sells them a tad short as they bashed out quite a few singles and a bunch of albums, although non of them troubled the charts too much.
The story behind this song is that the lyrics were written by the singer, Barbara Gogan about a former member of The '101ers' and one time roadie for The Clash and the Sex Pistols named Steve Connelly who had some success in a number of minor roles in German films. Another interesting fact about this song is that their label, 'Polydor' did not press enough copies of the single which topped out due to this fact at number 25! Who'd-a-thunk-it eh?

Well, what can I say about this next track?,,,,, actually not a great deal! In classic 1 hit wonder style I don't know a lot about it and couldn't find owt on the net! A quick look at the label on the 12" doesn't help me out much either as the writing is so faded that all it tells me other than the year (1987) is which is side A and which is side B! My most vivid memory of this song is someone like Jeremy Healy playing it at the end of the night at one of the Puscha party's at some studio/warehouse somewhere in London in 91/92 and the place going totally OFF!
(Excuse the vagueness of this recollection but it was a very, very long time ago!)
Anyhow, enjoy the track.

The Pharcyde came to prominence in 1992 with the brilliant 'Bizzare Ride II The Pharcyde' album but had originally come together as part of an album project for Brit cod-funk-wank group 'The Brand New Heavies'. Having survived that scrape with the mediocre they nevertheless went on to put out 3 amazing singles on the Delicious Vinyl label, the pick of them being 'Passin' Me By'.

Anyone of 'a certain age' growing up in the late 80's will recall this track being huge in all 'hoods' from Morpeth to Bedlington and West-Weezy Ashington and as far flung as Pennywell, Heaton and Cramlington. KRS One dropped this joint as a reaction to the 'beef' between the 'Queensbridge' and 'South Bronx' gangs that had claimed a number of lives. Not dissimilar to the feud that was ongoing between the stoopid-fresh hardcore B-boy crews of Ashington High School and the punk-ass chumps of 'Hirst High School' up the road in North Seaton.
'My Philosophy' comes from 'Boogie Down Productions' 1988 album 'By All Means Necessary', the second album they released before DJ and Producer Scott La Rock was killed in a shooting and marks a more 'conscious' change in KRS Ones lyrics. Although he can be a bit preachy, this is still a fuckin' bad tune!!

In the early 90's Company Flow were quietly going about their business releasing a hand full of well respected E.P.'s, building up a good-solid fanbase and gathering a good deal of critical acclaim. By the time they released their debut album and signed to Rawkus records in 1996 they, alongside label mates like Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch and Talib Kweli, had almost single handedly revitalize underground rap music, the album 'Funcrusher Plus' is still widely recognized as one of the most important hip-hop albums of the late 90s. After Rawkus disintegrated in 2000 El-P went on to set up another one of hip hop's most influential labels, the more experimental 'Def-Jux'.
'End To End Burners' was released as a single in 97'.

During the early 90's Jeru was closely assoiciated with the Gangstarr duo of DJ Premier and The Guru, appearing on both thier 'Step In The Arena' and 'Daily Operation' albums before releasing his own debut long palyer, the DJ Premier produced 'The Sun Rises In The East'. That album spawned the mamoth 'Come Clean' single and two other less well know tracks 'D Original' and the massively underrated 'Can't Stop The Prophet.'

Nuff' love. Moogar. X.