Monday, 4 May 2009

Nothing To Do In Hell.

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Reet, things have been a bit busy the last month innit hence the lack of opinionated prose and general bullshizz on the blog recently. We've had had nights playing with Patrice Bumel and Twitch from the legendary 'Optimo' club and the launch of Geoff and our associate DJ Lee's fab new night 'Last Waltz' to put together hence our typing fingers have been empolyed playing records. Normal service will be resument STAT. But first peeps, listen up, THIS SHIT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! The Complete guide to 'Gangsta slang',,,, Ashington style.,,,,,,,,,

1. Assassassination: a gangland hit on a rivals arse.

2. Biddy: An older gangster who dons a floral dress and has his hair blue-rinsed in order to display his elevated status within the gang heirarchy.

3. Blongin': Something both lengthy and ostentatious, such as a gold hosepipe.

4. Chalet: Ones home.

5. The Bronx: Wallsend.

6. Chevy Chase: Being persued by 5-0 in a Chevette.

7. Crisps: Crisps.

8. Danger Trumpet: A gun. ("I be parpin' 'you are dead' on my
danger trumpet" - 'I Am Hard' by 50 Cent.)

9. Elsie: A gangsters winkie.

10. Fart One Off: To drop a heavy rhyme ("Causin' bubbles in yo
bath when I fart one off" - 'Pass The Soap' by Jay-Z.)

11. Fifi: An effeminate 'Dawg.

12. Gang Banger: a sausage-like gangsta.

13. Goin' Margot: To go absolutely apeshit in manner similar to Penelope Keiths character in 'The Good Life'. ("You keep frontin' like Briars, I'm goin' Margot on yo' ass" - 'Naff Off' by Nas.)

14. Jiggy: A wig made of jelly. ("I rock a blackcurrant jiggy 'neath a cashmere kangol!" - 'Ponce Strutt' By Snoop Dogg.)

15. Ye Olde Boobe Shoppe: A prozzer.

16. Scone Vouchers: Money ("Got my stack of scone vouchers, where the fucks my clotted cream ho'?" - 'Cream Tea Thuggin'' By Noreaga')

17. Water Pistol: A makeshift gun made of ice, often used in a prison fight.

18. Pebble Dash: A crackheads fevered sprint to their local dealers house.

19. Mr Kippling: A drug dealer who possess some exceedingly good crack.

Take 5 moments to join this group as well. You'll like it,,,, promise.

Grande hugs.
Moogar. X.