Tuesday, 3 March 2009



Just a quick heads up to let all 2 of our readers know that Fapesta & I will be hosting room 2 of KlickKlack in our official capacity as chief curators of Smug Village (the rumours of that particular parties death are greatly exagerated... well, marginally exagerated at least).

The event features a headline Live set from REBOOT (Cadenza, Cocoon) as well as support from KlickKlacks stellar bunch of residents.

Check out the fezbook bidness here...


& some musicy stuff...

Timos - Vendor (Reboot Remix)

Also, keep checking in to find out about a one off party featuring the ressurection of our favourite Voodoo tinged brand, Featuring an appearance by possibly our favourite Scotsmen since RL Stevenson and Rab Burns.

Citing innit

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