Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A lirrel match report wot i wrote


No tunes on this one, as I'm sitting in my girlfriends office at the restaurant she runs waiting for her to finish off after the Christmas carnage and i dont have access to the absolute wealth of musical finery that resides on my steam powered difference engine (or any speakers to listen to whatever music i would otherwise knick of the old hypemachine).

Tourist, last Friday...

Credit Crunch, Recession, Depression, call it what you will, but its having a negative effect on ALL of the Club events in our particular corner of the globe.

So, Friday could have been a bit busier then?

Despite the relatively dissapointing numbers (given the talent on show), I think it's safe to say that the committed hardcore, who arrived early and stayed till the end, were far from dissappointed.

Firstly, Fapesta played previously a unheard of 'Sober' Set (despite my best efforts to force him into premature libation).
He was great, but we're hetero lifepartners, so I'll demure in going to to much more detail for fear of appearing biased.

The Broken Hookers literally sound better each and every time I hear them.
Despite the fact that it would be somewhat churlish to suggest that constant comparisons to 2manyDJS could ever be a bad thing, I still do feel sorry for their being labelled thus so early in their career.
The Broken hookers are quite simply "The Broken Hookers", and no comparisons do justice to their unique singularity.
Stylistically schizophrenic, yet with a strong thematic and narrative flow in their sets, I cant wait to get to hear them play a headline set.

Boy 8 Bit.
Boy 8 Bit (like the Hookers before him) turned up to play well and enjoy himself, regardless of the circumstances.
He literally took every person in the club and kept them down the front right until his (fapesta instigated) Public Enemy meets Dario Argento on 'the scratch' finale.
He's one of our favourite DJs (and producers) for a very good reason.
If at any point he's within 72 hours travelling distance of wherever you may be , then we say run, don't walk, to check him out.

Other notable mentions must go to...

Le Coop (of Erol Alkan Forum fame) turning up dressed like Ben Skull Juice / Dr Who.

Dale Fromage's (also of the aforementioned forum) inaugral sentence to any of the members of Tourist HQ... "are you on drugs?"

Dave 8 Bit relenting from A) Insulting his hosts back at a post club drink and B) leaving them with some bread for their toast in the morning.

Dave 8 Bit showing some wonderful restraint at our continual FakeBlood jibes.

Everybody who stayed till the end, you truly made the night.

Fape and the Hookers inexplicably allowing 2 spotty berks into the DJ booth to bug the shit out of "The Boy".

And finally, special thanks go to said spotty berks for providing me with the perfect target to offload my Christmas frustrations on, you'll never know how close you were to actual murder on the dancefloor.


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