Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The creature was dressed. He took to a vest quite readily.

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Just a quickie today as the credit crunch and it’s innumerable happenstance’s dictate our resource’s are best employed in other areas, such as putting food on the table and salting our socialist principle’s in order we may swallow them to appease the upcoming corporate wrath. But enough of this harping and on with some tunes!
Another bonus of writing a blog which is predominately music based means that sometimes you get the chance to put people onto the odd great record that was over looked or went unreleased. The point in this case being a mix that for some unknown reason, was never picked up for the full release of the recent single from ‘The Presets’. I’ve probably bored more people to the brink of tears than I care to remember with my incessant drunken banging on about the amazing ‘Optimo’ remix that was on the promo of the ‘Talk Like That’ 12”. It’ll probably feature highly in my fav records of the last 12 months. But don’t take my word for it,
Regarde, stick 'em up ya browser, download and enjoy,,,,

The Presets * Talk Like That (Optimo Remix)

As well as that, seeing as all things from over the channel seem tres en-vogue at the minute here’s a nice mix from Brodinski,

Jokers Of The Scene * Acidrod (Brodinski’s Acidbrod Mix)

And seeing as the lovely ‘Little Boots’ is proving so popular at the mo’ here’s probably my favourite remix of any of her stuff up till now.

Little Boots * Stuck On Repeat (Alexander Robotnik Remix)

And just coz I quite like it,,,,

Mujava * Township Funk (Radioclit Remix)

And here's a mix from myself and my man Andy Bamford for ya too,,,,,

Big Love. Fape. X

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