Thursday, 11 December 2008

Everything Everything


I went to watch 2 of my friends bands play on monday, in support of a Manchester Band called "EVERYTHING EVERYTHING", who I'd heard a little bit about, but who i was very keen to see.

I was far from dissapointed.

I'm not a frustrated music journalist, so I'm going to spare you any NME style juxtaposed musical comparisons, what i will say is that while their music has a light touch in its produced form, they're a much heavier beast live.

Everything Everything - Suffragette Suffragette from Everything Everything on Vimeo.

I think i like both incarnations equally for different reasons.

Everything Everything - Weights. LIVE from Everything Everything on Vimeo.

These were literally the best band i've seen live all year and i urge everyone to check them out.

Loads of insane harmonies, syncopated drum patterns and confusing yet thrilling song structures.

If they don't become massive, then there's something wrong with the world (which there clearly is, but lets hope they get big anyway)

The last Channel M vid put me in mind of this, which has no real relevance, but still makes me piss myself.

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Lewis said...

3 of em are from the hexham sticks as well, the gig was weird, unsettingly politeand restrained crowd