Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Carnival Of Empty

Britany Spears Bald lady Pictures, Images and Photos

If every weekday morning you spring out of bed before your alarm goes off, dash to work whistling a happy tune and greet your co workers with a beaming smile, then you are one of the select few who actually find their job a a rewarding and pleasurable experience. For most of us, the 90,000 hours of our lives spent at work is a monotonous, clock watching struggle to climb the career ladder - a tortuous five-day stint of backstabbing, tedium and lukewarm coffee drunk from plastic cups. Since the days when you sat down at school to discuss your future with the careers advisor , it's been drilled into your brain that a respectable vocation and reasonable wage is of the utmost importance. Frivolous young men who want to do something that they really enjoy - scubba divers, charity workers in exotic country's and musicians - are scoffed at and steered away towards a more punative and achievable vocation.
So it's a lifetime of desk jockeying and killing time on the net is it? Well so be it! To be fair though, after years of practice, these days as long as I've got fast and easy access to and some internet porn I can pretty much blank out the whole of the 'office world' thats happening around me. I spend hours upon hours trawling the net in search of anything that can divert my attention away from performing any type of productive actions. And so, after nearly 4000 years of human achievement we've come to this - fucking about killing time on a website that allows you to click on a pump and inflate Britany Spears breats'. So should we just roll over and let the cockroaches take over? Or shall we have another go at the pump? Oh, pump it baby one more time.

Britany Spears * Breathe On Me. James Holden Vocal Final Mix.

Britany Spears * Breathe On Me. James Holdens Dub.

Big Love, Fape. X

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