Thursday, 4 December 2008

4" High and Rising


As if to underpin the bleakness of the current financial climate, the heavens have decided to bless us with a siberian winter in the northeast of England.

I'm currently at the end of my tether with both the reccession and the weather (that doesn't half sound like a Morrisey lyric!).

So, in true hack fashion, "here's a couple of my favourite summer tunes, to beat those winter blues" (nang).

Sorry about the Grainy footage, but i adore this tune.
Theres actually another live performance on youtube with an amazing Oberheim solo on it, but I'd rather play this version that sounds closest (a little too close maybe) to the album version.

I was going to put "as if you read my mind" on for my second vid, because A) It's amazing and B) it's on 'Hotter than July', but instead I've opted for the following.
It still reminds me of summer, plus the video would work for Inflagranti in parts.

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