Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2008, who's clearing up?

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Well that's 2008 done and dusted, and it turns out that despite Simon Cowell cementing his status as the earthbound antichrist by getting some sub standard, cruise ship entertainer version of 'Hallelujah' to the holy grail of the Christmas no. 1, all in all it wasn't too bad a year for 'proper' music. Elbow finally won the Mercury and got some modicum of the recognition they deserve, Portishead almost made the 11 year wait for another record worthwhile with the fantastic 'Third', and even Spiritualized made a good record with the overlooked 'Songs In A & E'. Other honourable mentions go to records of note from The Kills, Fleet Foxes, T.V. On The Radio, British Sea Power and Friendly Fires.
On the Electronic/Dance floor front, 2008 proved to be one of the most forward looking years as far as house music is concerned for some time, with the output from labels like Dissident, DFA and Boarder Community seemingly getting stronger month on month for the whole of the year! I just hope 2009 can match it!
So instead of me banging on at anymore length about the records that floated my boat I've just knocked up a list below (in no particular order) for you to meander through at your own sweet leisurely pace, or not!

The Presets * Talk Like That (Optimo Remix)
Jazzanova * Let Me Show Ya (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Columbia #1 * Columbia #1
The Truffle Club * Gone Blue
Audion * Against All Odds
It’s A Fine Line * Woman (Makhnvshchina Repossession)
Alloy Mental * I Am (Marc Houle Remix)
Giorgio Moroder * I Wanna Rock You (Jacques Renault Edit)
T & T Edits * Don’t Stop
Poni Hoax * Antibodies
Radiohead * Back Drifts (Lunatic Fringe Edit)
Boy 8-Bit * Fogbank
Zombie Zombie * Texas Rangers (Danton Eeprom Remix)
Patrice Baumel * Roar
H.O.S.H. * White Elephant
Marc Asken * Root Rot (Shonky Remix)
Bot’ox * Babylon By Car (Richard Sen Remix)
Seq * Down
Moby * I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost Mix)
Tomski & Fredboy * Do The Tartlet
Ryan Davis * Wide Open Spaces
Pilas * Night Is
In Flagranti * Intergalactic Bubblegum
Control Voltage * The Bounce
Panthers * Goblin City (Holy Ghost Remix)
LCD Soundsystem * 45:33 (Padded Cell Mix)
Chloe * Be Kind To Me (Krikor Mean Dub)
Bill Withers * Who Is He And What Is He To You (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
Noze *Dans Avec Moi (Sascha Funke Mix)
Stimming * Una Pena
Unit 4 * A New Day (Bangkok Impact Mix)
Remote * Hardstick (LA Horse Remix)

Andrew Weatherall Pictures, Images and Photos

2008 was also notable as it brought us the semi-return to form of Primal Scream. After the somewhat lacklustre pop rock shapes of 'Riot City Blues' the new Scream record wasn't exactly top of many people’s most anticipated list, but it did deliver to some extent. Notably with the shuffling 80's New York disco of the standout track 'Uptown'. Even better news was that long time collaborator and English national treasure, Andrew Weatherall had done a spot of knob twiddling for a remix that was to appear on a special vinyl box set version of the album. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the promo release of this some time ago which containes the Weatherall mix and have managed to get round to posting it up just now.
As a special new year bonus of our own, just coz we're top geezers, we here at 'Tourist Towers' have also posted a couple of our fav Weatherall Moments with his seminal mixes of St. Etienne and Finitribe 101. Hope you enjoy them.

Primal Scream * Uptown (Weatheralls Long After The Disco Is Over Mix)

St. Etienne * Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Weatheralls Mix In Two Halves)

Finitribe 101 * Sonic Shuffle (Weatherall Mix)

Phew! It's a bumper one today, before I forget, here's couple of other little bits I found in the old promo files that some of the more Techno minded readers might like too.

Sweet 'n Candy * Bloody Minds

Falko Brocksieper * Valley Dive

That’s all I can manage till next time as I’ve got the flu for the 2nd time in 4 weeks.
Big love. Fape, X.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Death From A Glove.

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Well, it's Christmas bonus day today so two mixtapes in a row here at Tourist HQ!
Up first is an epic soundclash between England’s finest (TM) Andrew Weatherall and Tourist favourite Ivan Smagghe. It's a live recording from the legendary 'Rotters Golf Club' night and is in my not so humble opinion, one of the best live sets I've heard in a good few years so do not delay, get it downloaded smartish innit! You won't be disappointed.

Andy Weatherall & Ivan Smagghe. Live@Rotters Golf Club. 22/06/07.

Number 2 is a classic from the DFA's 'DFA Radiomix' series. It's a set from the label's Tim Goldsworthy and New York DJ Tim Sweeney spinning together as "T&T" at a DFA/Ghostly International Halloween party at New York's 'Studio B'. Anyone after a tracklist just drop us a line.

Tim Goldsworthy & Tim Sweeny. Live@Studio B, NY. DFA Halloween Special.

Glass Candy have recently become flavour of the month, surprisingly with everyone from the ‘Havin’ It Electro’ crew and the skinny fit indie mob to the chin stroking techno blokes and disco nerds. The first track they put out was a while back and was one of the first release's for Troubleman Unlimited's electro label 'Italians Do It Better'. They thankfully abandoned their no-wave roots to indulge their Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, and Alexander Robotnik fixations. The original version of "I Always Say Yes" is eight minutes of skeletal terror-disco, with horror synths straight out of a Dario Argento's film set to an analog beat and singer Ida No's chilly, haunted vocals. I’ve posted the more mainstream ‘Baron Von Luxx’ remix below so check it out and if you like it, have a look round 'tinterweb for the original.

Glass Candy * I Always Say Yes. (Baron Von Luxx Mix Parts 2 & 3.)

Next up, it's that rarest of things, a record that Calvin Harris has touched and that isn't utter shit! It's a surprisingly good, if a touch obvious, mix of 'See The Light' by 'The Hours'.
Most people know the story of The Hours so I'll be mercifully brief, Antony Genn was in Joe Strummer's band and produced his solo album. His partner Martin Slattery was in Black Grape, errr, they did some drugs and knocked out a couple of half decent singles.

The Hours * See The Light (Calvin Harris Mix)

Another little Xmas bonus now in the form of an old James Holden Remix, Andre Kraml's 'Safari' which came out on the Crosstown Rebels label a couple of years back. I found the promo for this a few days ago and remembered that it's a decent track and a few people may have overlooked it at the time so if you like this, get looking on't net for some more of Holden's gear.

Andre Kraml * Safari (James Holden Remix)

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A lirrel match report wot i wrote


No tunes on this one, as I'm sitting in my girlfriends office at the restaurant she runs waiting for her to finish off after the Christmas carnage and i dont have access to the absolute wealth of musical finery that resides on my steam powered difference engine (or any speakers to listen to whatever music i would otherwise knick of the old hypemachine).

Tourist, last Friday...

Credit Crunch, Recession, Depression, call it what you will, but its having a negative effect on ALL of the Club events in our particular corner of the globe.

So, Friday could have been a bit busier then?

Despite the relatively dissapointing numbers (given the talent on show), I think it's safe to say that the committed hardcore, who arrived early and stayed till the end, were far from dissappointed.

Firstly, Fapesta played previously a unheard of 'Sober' Set (despite my best efforts to force him into premature libation).
He was great, but we're hetero lifepartners, so I'll demure in going to to much more detail for fear of appearing biased.

The Broken Hookers literally sound better each and every time I hear them.
Despite the fact that it would be somewhat churlish to suggest that constant comparisons to 2manyDJS could ever be a bad thing, I still do feel sorry for their being labelled thus so early in their career.
The Broken hookers are quite simply "The Broken Hookers", and no comparisons do justice to their unique singularity.
Stylistically schizophrenic, yet with a strong thematic and narrative flow in their sets, I cant wait to get to hear them play a headline set.

Boy 8 Bit.
Boy 8 Bit (like the Hookers before him) turned up to play well and enjoy himself, regardless of the circumstances.
He literally took every person in the club and kept them down the front right until his (fapesta instigated) Public Enemy meets Dario Argento on 'the scratch' finale.
He's one of our favourite DJs (and producers) for a very good reason.
If at any point he's within 72 hours travelling distance of wherever you may be , then we say run, don't walk, to check him out.

Other notable mentions must go to...

Le Coop (of Erol Alkan Forum fame) turning up dressed like Ben Skull Juice / Dr Who.

Dale Fromage's (also of the aforementioned forum) inaugral sentence to any of the members of Tourist HQ... "are you on drugs?"

Dave 8 Bit relenting from A) Insulting his hosts back at a post club drink and B) leaving them with some bread for their toast in the morning.

Dave 8 Bit showing some wonderful restraint at our continual FakeBlood jibes.

Everybody who stayed till the end, you truly made the night.

Fape and the Hookers inexplicably allowing 2 spotty berks into the DJ booth to bug the shit out of "The Boy".

And finally, special thanks go to said spotty berks for providing me with the perfect target to offload my Christmas frustrations on, you'll never know how close you were to actual murder on the dancefloor.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas is coming, the geese are full of shat!

Kung fu kitty Pictures, Images and Photos
Han Solo Vs Boba Fete? Dracula Vs The Wolfman? A Zombie Vs A Mummy? Jaws Vs King Kong? Chuck Norris Vs Bruce Lee? Mike Tyson Vs Darth Vader? Yes, today I shall be answering some of the eternal questions that have troubled our top acedemics, holy men and booze hounds for decades. So, to clear up at least some of the conjecture cluttering up the world of 'avin' it electro' once and for all, we bring you a four way fight between a quartet of the biggest hitting, heavyweight producers and remixer's from both sides of the English channel!
The first bout is an all Gallic dust up, in the blue corner we have the man Yuksek, a veteran of the 2001 - 2003 electro clash wars versus, in the red corner, his sometime production partner and new kid on the block and the pretender to the title, Brodinski!
So without a do, its seconds out, round one!

Tommy Sparks * I'm A Rope (Yuksek Mix)

DJ Medhi * Pocket Piano (Brodinski Mix)

The second bout of the night is an all English affair between two of our best known producers and DJ's, Herve and Sinden. Going head to head, stretching nerve and sinu to prove who's the king of crunk, the wizard of 'wonk', the beast of the bassline.
"Ladies annnnnnnnnnd gentlemen,,, leeeeeet's get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmmmble!"

N.A.S.A. * Money (Count Of Monte Cristal mix)

Metronomy * A Thing For Me (Sinden Remix)

Seeing as we're always getting e-mails wanting advice and guidance from both our readers we've decided to take a pragmatic approach to this and this week start our regularly irregular column to help with your numerous heartache's and problems, be they techno, disco or even Balearic. So hear it is,,,,,

Geoff and Fape's problem page*!

Dear Geoff,
Only the other day I hooked up to the internet on a vacant website, E-mailed some motherboards but snagged my acoustic couplers on a scuzzy cable before my ram roms downloaded all over the parallel port and got a floppy cutlet pipeline combined with a burst cash memory situation. Who'd have believed it, eh?! Anyway, get out yourselves much do you?
Brian. Baywater.

"Only when the drugs run out pal."
Geoff. The Grotto.

Dear Fape,
Would you recommend having your colon irrigated?
Lance Velvet. Bay Of Pigs.

"Certainly not Lance! Nothing’s going up my tradesman's except in pre-airport customs emergencies. And it's a brave man who asks me to stop and bend over when I'm on one of those luggage cards doing 80 up the green channel. Besides, why the hell would anyone want to cultivate crops in their arse?"
Fape. West-Weezy A-Town.

Dear Geoff,
My doctor tells me I don't know my arse from my elbow. Course I don't man, I said, that’s your job. I don't expect you to know how to fix my plasma, do I? Just as well he said, coz mines bust. Cheeky bastard. Anyway, turned out the tube had gone, so I flogged him a new one for a pony. Good job someone knows what they're doing, eh?
Louie. Isle Of Dergs.

"I could do with a pony myself pal! The one Sammy the pants flogged me was well knackered. Couldn't run very fast but he always had a smile on his face. Done a lot of video work so I'm told. I'm renting him out if anyone's interested.
Beep me, I'm hot!"
Geoff. The Grotto.

*This feature will probably never return. Thankfully.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Anglophilia Dandyum Morte


The U.K. has had its fair share of fashion-led subcultures. Arguably, this tendency dates to the 18th Centuary dandies, who either revelled in the strictures of 'correct' attire, or plumped for flamboyant, decadent dress, with a hint of gender confusion chucked in for good measure.
By the latter half of the 20th Centuary, the sartorial descendants of Beau Brummel, Dorian Grey and their ilk came in waves. The 1950's Ted's resurrected the Edwardian drape coats that gave them their name, (a look revived in the 70's, albeit through Glam, or in it's original form).
The 1960's belonged to the 'Mods', the least adventurous and most contrived of all youth movements, with everything from their look to their music plundered, and stolen wholesale from other youth tribes, not a single original idea between the lot of the fuckers! And they have the audacity to be 'precious' as hell about what IS or ISN'T Mod! Who the fuck just died and made this bunch of arsey chancers king's of the soul patrol, eh? They haven't got a clue where they came from, is their look and music taste 60's Stax soul, Philly soul, Motown? Is it 50's British Ska, Reggae? Is it 70's urban skin? 80's casual? Ask one, next time you're unlucky enough to meet a 'Mod', I guarantee he'll ramble incoherently for hours mentioning everyone from Hewey Newton and the black panthers to Stevie Wonder, to Wigan Casino to New Order to The Clash and all the fucking way back again! Now I know about The Clash, and do you think a band with ideals so drenched in socio-political ethics would want to be associated with the shallowness of this bland bunch? I reckon Strummer would be spinning in his grave like a fuckin' dynamo if he heard that!! But I have had to put up with drip's in tight suits trying to tell me that they had 'a Mod edge', now next time this happens, I'm going to loosen some fuckers teeth! If you let a 'Mod' talk for too long he'll try and tell you everyone from 'Sparticus' to the 'Queen fucking mother' were 'Mods', "You know, coz it's a state of mind being a Mod man!" FUCK OFF! NO IT'S NOT!
Now I'm pretty sure that 'Mods' are all 'Modernist' by their very name and nature, so why the fuck are all their figure heads decades past their sell by dates, why is their look a soooo fucking 'retro?' In fact the MOST retro of all youth tribes! And as for 'Paul FUCKING Weller!' Fuck off! My Dads more edgy and street than that miserable old feather cut fucker!
Luckily though, from the 60's Mod, the look, politics and music morphed into Skin- and Sued-heads, and saw their tastes honed then perennially revived. Even punk, whatever the protagonists might say about DIY, post – winter of discontent rage and anarchy, was a fashion movement: Just ask Vivienne Westwood!
All these models share common traits, regardless of the aesthetic – the clothes HAD to be expensive, they HAD to be ostentatious, they HAD to be immaculate, and they HAD to be worn first by working class young men. Given the high rate of fashion churn between the 50's and the 70's, it's perhaps a surprise that the last great revolution in men's clothing was sparked sometime in 1977 and holds fast to this day – The Football Casual.
I think this is something to do with brand. Where the misguided Mod might wear any suit, as long as it adhered to the conventions of ancient Italian tailoring, an early day's casual couldn't wear any old tennis shirt: Only a Tacchini would do! (or Fila or Lacoste!)
At the risk of offending some of my home town (former) hooligans, Casual began on Merseyside. When scallies first merged elements of Punk style with bits of David Bowie's proto-glam, plus an odd attachment to drainpipe jeans and, of course, the wedge haircut!
Then a little later, these supporters of Liverpool found themselves at a loose end in French and Italian city centers, thanks to their clubs European success, and took the opportunity to acquire (or, more accurately, rob) sports and casual-wear they knew fellow and rival supporters back home had no chance of finding.
Despite shifts in popularity over time, the brands favored by the first casuals are those seen on every British high street today, whether it's the makes brought back from the European away matches by scousers – Kappa, Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini – or brands adopted in the late 80's – early 90's - Burberry Stone Island, Acuascutum – and they're not just on football fans. The seemingly permanent fetish for early model Adidas trainers that can be seen on the feet of everybody from floppy fringed indie kids to perfectly respectable middle aged men,, began with the early casual preference for Samba's, swiftly followed by Stan Smith's. That nice shower proof cagoule your Mum has in the wardrobe dates back to casual anoraks, originally worn over Pringle or Slazenger jumpers, often made by the likes of Kappa, sometimes by Patrick. Admittedly, you don't see many people sporting Tommy Nutter jeans, fiorruci or Lois courds these days, but they're the exception to the rule.
His sartorial longevity is down to the brands as much as it is to the enduring glamour of the well-turned-out football casual. No. To be a dandy, Punk, skin, or even a Mod, involves an attention to detail shared by the casual, but thanks to branding, that attention to detail can be reduced to a basic list of clothing manufacturer's, rather than, in the case of the Mod, making believe that you need an in depth knowledge of black politics, northern soul, and Italian tailoring, when it's actually even simpler than the casual, as you only need to know the proper number of cuff buttons and have an eye for the correct width of a tie! THAT'S AS HARD AS IT FUCKING GETS! End of.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Everything Everything


I went to watch 2 of my friends bands play on monday, in support of a Manchester Band called "EVERYTHING EVERYTHING", who I'd heard a little bit about, but who i was very keen to see.

I was far from dissapointed.

I'm not a frustrated music journalist, so I'm going to spare you any NME style juxtaposed musical comparisons, what i will say is that while their music has a light touch in its produced form, they're a much heavier beast live.

Everything Everything - Suffragette Suffragette from Everything Everything on Vimeo.

I think i like both incarnations equally for different reasons.

Everything Everything - Weights. LIVE from Everything Everything on Vimeo.

These were literally the best band i've seen live all year and i urge everyone to check them out.

Loads of insane harmonies, syncopated drum patterns and confusing yet thrilling song structures.

If they don't become massive, then there's something wrong with the world (which there clearly is, but lets hope they get big anyway)

The last Channel M vid put me in mind of this, which has no real relevance, but still makes me piss myself.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ooooooh, GET YOU!

new romantic - japan Pictures, Images and Photos
NEW ROMANTICS, (A Brief History,)
If you were dressed like a dandy highwayman in 1781 it would probably mean the gallows and a public hanging. On the other hand, if you dressed like a dandy highwayman in 1981 it would probably mean that you'd soon put on roughly 7 stone and sometime in the early 21st century menace the patrons at your local boozer by waving a replica firearm around! Who can forget those peacocks of fashion 'the New Romantics'? This crowd were not part of a revival of the artistic movement immortalised by the likes of Byron or Shelley, but a rallying of adventurous types who would give anything for a free day pass into the BBC drama departments wardrobe. Ahhhh, such days. In fact, the area at Old Eldon Square, on any given weekend, back then looked like the cast of The Pirates of the Caribbean having a break from shooting. Often the target of many a Charver, these lovable 'arties provided much entertainment during their brief existence. Many reckon that Bowie inspired this movement, but my money is on 'Captain Pugwash', Which in the eyes of the New Romantics would bizarrely bring a cardboard figure to the same iconic status as Bowie himself. Romantics usually lived in Morpeth, Tynemouth, or Gosforth. But things even got out of hand on a number of occasions as the swashbuckling romantics of Cramlington Village clashed with the pistol whippin Bedlington highwaymen on board the X33 bus from Newcastle to Newbiggin! Sadly, the argument as to which was best, 'Dr Snuggles' or 'Dangermouse?' Was never decided! Once they arrived at the Haymarket, the shipmates headed into town and it was to the usual dive bars that their journey would end. Stripey t-shirts and Chinese pumps all round and a pint of orange juice please my good sir, Duran Duran on the decks and all were happy. Actually, much happier people all-round than their descendants the Goths. 'Tunnel' and 'Herges' were the place for the romantic to shop, or the Army and Navy Stores at the top of high bridge for the more adventurous. 'Flip' also stocked an array of sad imported shirts, and mingling here with some ‘boyos’ buying parkas and Shott puffer jackets was the nearest the romantics actually got to a pair of Kickers without receiving a kicking! Now many romantics would argue that 'their scene' was unique and that no one had tried their particular look before. However, this argument could be squashed by: Captain Kidd, Dick Turpin, Tom, Dick or Harry Dunsdon, Sitting Bull, Crazy horse, Captain Henry Morgan or Blackbeard. Although, I reckon most the aforementioned ship folk would prefer some good old sea shanties to the 12" version of 'Planet Earth'. DESPITE the fact that by the time the romantics finished their time at sixth form, they were opting for back garb and moody stances, there will always be a smile for this band of under achieving over achievers.

Just for your own 'Emotional Rescue', here's a nice little track from one of Tourists, (the night wot this blog is for remember?) guests from last month, Brooklyn's kings of the modern day edit, In Flagranti. Check it.

In Flagranti * Emotinonal R. Edit.

As well as that, here's a Serge Santiago mix from 'We Love,,,' in Ibiza that we found kicking about down the back of the old mainframe here up at Tourist Towers. Enjoy,,,,

Big Love, Fape. X

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Carnival Of Empty

Britany Spears Bald lady Pictures, Images and Photos

If every weekday morning you spring out of bed before your alarm goes off, dash to work whistling a happy tune and greet your co workers with a beaming smile, then you are one of the select few who actually find their job a a rewarding and pleasurable experience. For most of us, the 90,000 hours of our lives spent at work is a monotonous, clock watching struggle to climb the career ladder - a tortuous five-day stint of backstabbing, tedium and lukewarm coffee drunk from plastic cups. Since the days when you sat down at school to discuss your future with the careers advisor , it's been drilled into your brain that a respectable vocation and reasonable wage is of the utmost importance. Frivolous young men who want to do something that they really enjoy - scubba divers, charity workers in exotic country's and musicians - are scoffed at and steered away towards a more punative and achievable vocation.
So it's a lifetime of desk jockeying and killing time on the net is it? Well so be it! To be fair though, after years of practice, these days as long as I've got fast and easy access to Skysports.com and some internet porn I can pretty much blank out the whole of the 'office world' thats happening around me. I spend hours upon hours trawling the net in search of anything that can divert my attention away from performing any type of productive actions. And so, after nearly 4000 years of human achievement we've come to this - fucking about killing time on a website that allows you to click on a pump and inflate Britany Spears breats'. So should we just roll over and let the cockroaches take over? Or shall we have another go at the pump? Oh, pump it baby one more time.

Britany Spears * Breathe On Me. James Holden Vocal Final Mix. http://www.zshare.net/download/519724513b346130/

Britany Spears * Breathe On Me. James Holdens Dub.

Big Love, Fape. X

Friday, 5 December 2008

Detroit Social Club


This is one of those rare occasions where i can legitimately say i knew about the next big thing first.

Well sort of, I've known 50% of the band for years, but I've still (inexcusably) yet to actually see them play.

I doubt my lack of physical patronage will cause them too much distress however, as their currency seems to be going from strength, to strength, to fupping strength!

A rough reverse timeline would include the following.

Irish tour with PRIMAL SCREAM!
Regular fawning praise in the NME
Mini tour playing with the likes of GlasVegas.
Record Deal
Turning down the Newcastle leg of the Oasis tour.
Being only the 2nd band signed up by Geoff Barradale (Manager and discoverer of The Arctic Monkeys)
Pulling out of (an extremely high profile) battle of the bands (even though they'd been gauranteed a slot in the final)
Band formed from some of the best players on the North East Circuit.
Generator Magazine Touting (the then non-existent DSC) as the ones to watch in 08
Lead singer, Dave Burns, making a couple of 1 man demos under the name Detroit Social Club.

All of the above took place in less than 12 months.

Anyway, I'd like to take the opportunity to lead you towards their myspace, which features all of the music they see fit to make public at present.


Also, as a bit of a curiosity, here's a (vastly incomplete) remix i was doing for them.


One day i might actually get round to finishing it!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

4" High and Rising


As if to underpin the bleakness of the current financial climate, the heavens have decided to bless us with a siberian winter in the northeast of England.

I'm currently at the end of my tether with both the reccession and the weather (that doesn't half sound like a Morrisey lyric!).

So, in true hack fashion, "here's a couple of my favourite summer tunes, to beat those winter blues" (nang).

Sorry about the Grainy footage, but i adore this tune.
Theres actually another live performance on youtube with an amazing Oberheim solo on it, but I'd rather play this version that sounds closest (a little too close maybe) to the album version.

I was going to put "as if you read my mind" on for my second vid, because A) It's amazing and B) it's on 'Hotter than July', but instead I've opted for the following.
It still reminds me of summer, plus the video would work for Inflagranti in parts.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The creature was dressed. He took to a vest quite readily.

Kill your boss Pictures, Images and Photos
Just a quickie today as the credit crunch and it’s innumerable happenstance’s dictate our resource’s are best employed in other areas, such as putting food on the table and salting our socialist principle’s in order we may swallow them to appease the upcoming corporate wrath. But enough of this harping and on with some tunes!
Another bonus of writing a blog which is predominately music based means that sometimes you get the chance to put people onto the odd great record that was over looked or went unreleased. The point in this case being a mix that for some unknown reason, was never picked up for the full release of the recent single from ‘The Presets’. I’ve probably bored more people to the brink of tears than I care to remember with my incessant drunken banging on about the amazing ‘Optimo’ remix that was on the promo of the ‘Talk Like That’ 12”. It’ll probably feature highly in my fav records of the last 12 months. But don’t take my word for it,
Regarde, stick 'em up ya browser, download and enjoy,,,,

The Presets * Talk Like That (Optimo Remix)

As well as that, seeing as all things from over the channel seem tres en-vogue at the minute here’s a nice mix from Brodinski,

Jokers Of The Scene * Acidrod (Brodinski’s Acidbrod Mix)

And seeing as the lovely ‘Little Boots’ is proving so popular at the mo’ here’s probably my favourite remix of any of her stuff up till now.

Little Boots * Stuck On Repeat (Alexander Robotnik Remix)

And just coz I quite like it,,,,

Mujava * Township Funk (Radioclit Remix)

And here's a mix from myself and my man Andy Bamford for ya too,,,,,

Big Love. Fape. X