Saturday, 29 November 2008


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On a bit of a Hip Hop vibe today solely due to the fact that when I was sitting at my desk doing some work this morning the three CD's within reaching distance were Abraxas by Santana, Super Ape by Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Straight Outta Compton by NWA.
Now seeing as I tend not to have smoked a quater ounce of weed before lunch time, Santana and Perry were pretty much out the window and 'Cube and Eazy 'Mutha-Fuckin' E were firmly on the menu. Listening to this put me in mind of some decent Hip Hop blogs so I thought I would throw this your way.
Anybody with a passing interest in Hip Hop and Rap could do a lot worse than check out website 'The Rub' run by DJ Ayres, DJ Eleven & Cosmo Baker who if my memory serves are all outta Philly and Brooklyn, but more importantly, are DeeJays and crate diggers of the highest order. All 3 of them will be familiar to anyone who's dipped their toes in the Hip Hop waters since the late 90's. More recently they've become bit palyers in the Baltimore scene appearing on Diplo's Hollertronix mixtapes and at his Mad Decent nights playing regularly alongside the likes of XXXChange from Spank Rock, A-Track and Blaqstarr. You may also know them from their "It's The Mutha Fuckin' Rub" Mixtapes.
Anyway, the site is pretty basic stuff with biogs, store, news and updates etc, but go straight past all that and head straight for 'The Rub Is On The Radio' section where you'll find mixtape's covering each year from 1980 - present. The selections from 88' - 95' get a CRAZY special mention from me personally with each mix being pretty much comprehensive covering the big tunes from that year as well as featuring the important breakthrough artists emerging at the time. If you've got a few hours to spare and a bit of room on your hard drive I MORE than recommend you get across and have a pick through the old tunes. I've been downloading one year every few weeks for a year or so now.
There's also an area for DJ's where they can submit their own unofficial mixes and edits and download others. Expect to find some really rather good mixes of tracks from the likes of busta, Eric B, Mobb Deep, Snoop, Biggie, Jay-Z, A-Track, Diplo etc.

Check eet,

And as a likkle bonus here's something double fresh for the clubs,,,,,

DJ Zinc Feat MC No.Lay * Killa Sound.

And a little oddity,,

Diplo, Leftside & Esco Vs The Yeah Yeah Yeahs * Belly

Big love, Fape. X.

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