Sunday, 30 November 2008

Jacques and Queens.

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The great thing about writing a bog is, well, to put it simply you can write whatever old shite you want to! Whether it's lengthy musings about sprouts being the reincarnated souls of the recently dead or what the world record is for spot welding geese to the side of a moving vehicle, it makes no difference, unless however you actually want someone to read it that is. I'll spare you the sprouts and geese for now but my current band wagon/cause celebre is one Mr Jacques Renault.

He first came to my attention on a DFA mixtape 3 or 4 years ago and has since quietly been edging into my consciousness. Now I don’t know too much about Mr Renault apart from he may well be French but has lived in New York since 2002 now and he’s been cranking out the odd stunna of a track every now and then. He’s also a bit handy with the old ‘re-edits’ which have been so ‘en-vogue’ over the last couple of years, and is responsible for one of my tracks of the year up till now with his fantastic edit of Giorgio Moroder’s ‘I Wanna Rock You’.
Apart from all his afore mentioned studio duties, he has also been spinning a splendid blend of classic cosmic disco and neo-italo (aka ‘the good stuff’) ever since he landed in NYC. He has held residencies everywhere from the super sleazy Happy Endings to the super swanky Tribeca Grand. He currently throws '205 Tuesdays' with his partner and DFA-posse-member Justin Miller, a weekly party that has hosted many of NYC’s finest.
He is also one half of ‘Runaway’ on DFA and also puts stuff out on ‘Italians Do It Better’ and notably Cosmo Vitelli's ‘I’m A Cliche’ imprint. He’s quickly making a big impression over here too with appearances in London recently alongside some of New York’s clubbing heavyweights like James Murphy, Moby, Lovefingers, Tim Sweeney and Mike Simonetti as well as getting coveted spots on the Glimmers' Eskimo mix and Lindstrom and Prins Thomas' Essential Mix. His latest release ‘She Did it For the Money” is still available now on the afore mentioned ‘I’m A Cliche’ label and is WELL recommended.
As I’m sure a few people will already be more than aware, I’m WELL lazy and I couldn't find a link to where you can buy it from but you can stream it on the ‘Runaway’ Myspace ( and grab a few free mixes while you’re there. You can also grab a brilliant, and I mean that, mix from one of his 205 Tuesday sets by simply clicking on the handy link I've gone to the trouble of creating just below. The mixing can be a bit shaky at times but the records are all proper dance-your-ass-off-go-mental material, guaranteed! There’s also links for a couple of Jacques, ahem, tracks for you there too as well as a particularly handy Mock N' Toof remix that never got picked up for release.
Who say’s we don’t look after you eh?

Justin Miller & Jacques Renault Live@205 Club, Downtown New York.

Jacques Renault * Magic Games.

Jacques Renault & Marcos Cabral * Not Afraid To Beg.

Hot Chip * Move On. (Mock N' Toof Remix)

Big love X. Fape.

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